Blogger Awards for The Garden Goat


I was nominated in the last month by three bloggers for twice the  Versatile Blogger Award (thank you and thank you SweetP http://mylifeisgrowing.wordpress.comInspirational Award (thank you SweetP and the Sunshine Award (thank you

I was totally shocked and very overwhelmed. I had written a post in February that gained a lot of attention and I ended up hitting the “fresh pressed” wordpress list and remaining there for several days. I was inundated with comments. I tried to get back to everyone individually and so these  award nominations I left until I could discover what I needed to do to comply and have the time to respond.


The rules for these awards are all pretty much the same:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog (check)

2) List some random things about yourself that other people may find interesting

3) Nominate some worthy blogs and let them know

First of all I want to thank cupcakinglydeliciouscakediaries for nominating my blog “Garden Goat Quote” for the Versatile Award and the very kind words. I am married to a cake-a-holic and cupcakingllydeliciouscakediaries is heavenly. The goodies and stories a must-not-miss for sure (!

Thank you to DanLrene for nominating my blog “Garden Goat Quote” for the Sunshine Award check out this blog for photos specifically some very interesting “Faces in the Clouds”  (

Thanks to SweetP ( for nominating my blog “Garden Goat Quote” for two awards, the Versatile Blogger Award and the Inspirational Blogger Award.

Any also thanks (Hollywood style) to my incredible family, friends, readers whom without their interest, antics, drama, news and symptoms I would have nothing for fodder! I also acknowledge the talent God has seen fit to bestow upon me (beyond being a the Goddess of the Laundry) and I hope that I continue to make constructive use of same.

So for the seven interesting things about me…..

  1. I am a Canadian and mother of 9 children (yep, same dad, same marriage, no twins all singleton births and I have had 9 c-sections{!!})
  2. I am 5’11” and have red hair, I am of Irish decent with very long legs (??)
  3. I have artist tendencies and paint in watercolour (though only when I am all caught up on laundry…never often enough)
  4. I have never met a baby I did not like (that is a given!)
  5. I am frightened of every creepy crawlies but I am a “mommy-long-legs”
  6. I am the eldest of four daughters (no sons)
  7. Once I care about someone it is usually for life no matter what happens. Sometimes people understand this other times I am considered “psycho” (proudly)

List of blogs this Garden Goat has recently discovered ( I know it is to be a long list but I am rather new at this whole thing) and nominated for both awards are:

Musings of a mommy lawyer (very funny to read)

A very interesting blog about friendships what can go right and what can go wrong.

Two sisters sharing projects, ideas, lots of treats, cute stuff, subtle sarcasm and good times.

An honest, funny blog about the insanity that follows one trying to raise four kids!

Distracted Daddy is a working father with a two-year-old daughter, a focused wife and a flatulent pug.


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