Things to do today list

Well…was not too sure what was on the menu this week until on internet came across this kid’s “adorable to do list” ( ) and realized with great horror two things.

List of things to do by a kid

Kids adorable to do list

One –I never make a to do list I always keep it in my head (!!) –

Two– I loved this list and realized I should be making one and include permission for myself to have fun (beyond the washing machine) –



As the caretaker, keeper, supervisor and parole officer to a generation of young goats (kids) I often forget that some of the very things that would keep me sane are not even on the list. Okay-the rest of you all thinking this will be a confession of a closet-housework drama queen who drinks away her troubles (oh and no wonder can’t remember the to do list)…nah…but it is the moment of awareness that middle age is upon me and that “fun” has managed to elude me…largely at my own hands (with a little from the washing machine). So bear with me while I review this kid’s list…very therapeutic.

This child’s list reads:

Things to do today

  • Go to the store

(well…I seem to have this covered perhaps my list should read “less trips to the store” might help my bank account balance….not to mention the proportions of the inmates here.)

  • Play

(This is a big one…I watch others play with gleeful anticipation that I will have the little ones busy enough to sneak in some quality time with my washing machine…clearly not want this little kid meant!)

  • Sing a song or tune

(I might have to skip this one unless I want to peel the paint at my house…but listen to more music would do my soul good!)

goat eating grass





  • Eat

(Hmm…nah…the reverse…a break from having to concern myself with what eleven others put in their mouths in a 24-hour period…would be like a holiday…imagine not having to shop, cook, cut up food or clean up afterwards…that would be a dream vacation!)

  • Draw

(sadly have not done nearly enough of this…I seem to draw a lot of baths for the unwashed at my house and draw a heck of a lot of attention when out and about with my brood!) Memo to self….must draw more for sure!

  • Drink

(I think this kid is brilliant although I must admit that I do not think what I might be interested in drinking this kid would be allowed to have!)

  • Get Dizzy

(I do not need this on a list…I am dizzy before I get out of bed every day of my life just contemplating what needs to be done in before lunch)

(I never do this one…If I do…I might fall asleep)

More things upon further reflection I should add to my list would include:

  • More chocolate (Top of the list)
  • More sleep (the little naps waiting for the stop lights to turn to green are just not cutting it)
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream (though I am not sure that I could continue to effectively manage my “other love” …. “the ball and chain”….my washing machine)!
  • Get crazier (I thought I was already there but I am game to try harder!)

The list-less Garden Goat

what my to do list should look like

The list-less Garden Goat …maybe not I should use this list.


6 thoughts on “Things to do today list

  1. It’s as though we lose ourselves when we become moms and forget to have fun – or stop giving ourselves permission to have fun! My hubby has trouble with this. He runs his own business and meets himself coming and going. I told him this morning that he has to stop this and learn to take down time!!

    Best wishes finding your new to-do list! I’m off to ferry a child to a job…another of my to-do’s today.

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